​The Key to Success is Brands Success is Finding the Need and Filling It!

bthebuzz is in touch, tuned in and turned on by consumer and market trends.

It is our passion, pleasure and privilege to bring out the best in you, your company, products and services to make you bthebuzz.

bthebuzz Founder & Director Debra Rothberg



branding & digital marketing

bthebuzz is an agency founded and directed by a fearless New Yorker Debra Rothberg who prefers to stand on the cutting edge. A 2nd generation Brander, Marketer and Serial Entrepreneur, valued for her style, charm, good nature and taste, is obsessed with the wild wild west of the web and helping people, companies and the planet thrive. 

bthebuzz knows
- how to do the research 
- how to bring out the best in you, your company, products and services
- how to create and share your story in print and online in pictures, words  and videos
- how to create your logo, banners, pages, graphics, print and online   collateral
- how to target your demographic
- how to share your brand's mission message and value throughout all marketing channels
- direct, web, social media & videos
- how to get you likes, comments, shares and sales!