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Passionate, positive,pragmatic, persistent and persuasive, bthebuzz always has your best interest in mind. Think of us as a strategic partner an extension of you, your support staff and other aspects which you do not have the time or experience to do. You will find us nurturing,motivating and inspiring.

Save Time & Moneybthebuzz Appointment Setters are focused, driven and passionate Pros. Their only job is to qualify leads, charm gatekeepers and secure quality appointments.

KISS Theory - Keep it Simple and Stay True to your Brand and it will be True to you:) Staying focused, on message, knowing your sweet spot and being a good listener is a sure way to increase brand awareness and sales.

Just Show Up and Close Yes, in a perfect world of the Sales Pro all Leads come from referrals and incoming calls. Unless you have a mature body of business, this is far from the truth.

Don’t think because you opened your door ​Consumers will come a'knockin Smart Sales Pros know that the key to success is like planning a trip. How and if you get to your destination, intact, on time and within budget, depends on sound vision and strategy.
Sales Success Staying on top of call backs challenges even the most seasoned Sales Pro. Even more, it’s really hard to pass the buck to an inexperienced assistant.
Reality Check Cold Calling and Scheduled Call Backs 
are a way of life
To secure quality appointments, requires time, focus, patience, persistence and experience in the art of persuasion.