Historic Huntington Village

bthebuzz is located it the Historic Village of Huntington, New York in a 200 year old Victorian.
1 hour to Manhattan and Southampton
Huntington Village is a Bay Community, Rich in Natural Beauty, American History and Tragedy

First settled in 1600 by the English and later the Dutch, many which stand today. A Gold Coast Village is rich history, culture and community, whose main and side roads like most on Long Island were first roads paved by its original residents the great people Long Island’s North Shore the Mantinecok Native American. Bordering on the deep waters of the bay, straight flat roads, rich natural resources, abundant farming, fishing and hunting and close proximity to Manhattan and Connecticut, the village was prospered from trade. Its main road 25A known as the Washington Spy Trail helped George win America’s right to be free from the English rule, where Walt Whitman wrote and the Great Gatsby's played. 

Matinecock Huntington Bay Long Island Native Americans 

The Matinecock Native Americans lived along the what is known as Long Island's Gold Coast.  Revered as great hunters, gathers and crafters with an iconic language, they lived along Huntington Bay during the spring and summer, moving inland for the fall and winter months just south of Jericho Turnpike. Their wampum was valued for their great assortment of color and design. Welcoming weary English settlers, nomadic they had no concept of selling land. Losing prime grounds and their lives from disease brought by the Europeans, these great people who prospered for ese great people of never imagining in 400 10,000 years, never imagined in only 400 years would lose their home, lives and culture to mass genocide.



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