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Huntington Village

bthebuzz office is in a 200 year old Victorian Main Farm House in the beautiful cultured and historic Village in the Town of Huntington.

Just 1 hour to Manhattan and Southampton

Close to Long Island Railroad and North of 25A off New York Avenue.


Huntington is a bay community rich in natural beauty and steeped in American History and Tragedy

First settled in 1600 by the English and later the Dutch, many which stand today, easy access to the Long Island Sound and Connecticut, it became rich from trading and whaling. Washington ate here, Walt Whitman lived to tell tales and the Great Gatsby's partied in Gold Cost Mansions and in Yachts docked in the Bay. The Long Island Railroad allowing the Artists to settle close to its tracks today is home to Cold Spring Laboratory Scientists and where today it remains home to people whose mission it is to save our natural resourced who believe green is the new black.


Original Huntington Occupants the Reverred Matinecock Indians

The Matinecock Indians were the first Native Americans. Nomadic they lived along Huntington bay during the spring and summer and moved inland along Old Country Road and Round Swamp Road for the winter. Great crafters they were revered for the quality of their wampum made from the large assortment of oysters mussles clams and snails growing in the bay. With lush natural resources and abundant hunting and fishing, hunting and farming, their written language consisted of graphic symbols not unlike graphic icons used today. Welcoming weary settlers, they had no concept of selling land. Losing prime ground to the English and Dutch, these great people never imaged their in 400 years would result in a lost culture, language and people.

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