branding & digital marketing


James Ferme

Managing Partner
American Business Associates

Debra is an out-of-the-box thinker and dedicates herself to serving others. She is a great marketing professional, passionate storyteller and most importantly a closer. Debra goes out of her way to engaging with the members and guests of her ABA community by providing a continuous flow of connections and resources. When you’re ready to achieve the next level and be at the...more
June 21, 2014, James was with Thomson Digital when working with Debra at bthebuzz

Gail Auger

President/ CEO
Loss Prevention and Risk Management

I actually have known Debra since Tetra Creations and Debby Dee Design Cosmetics! Debra is a very dynamic marketer, brand manager and excellent strategist. I truly admire Debra's talents and would highly recommend her for any entity in need of her service offerings.
June 13, 2012, Gail was with another company when working with Debra.

​Patricia Ann Parenti
Design/ Business Development

I would highly recommend Debra for work. Totally reliable and dependable.. She thinks out of the box and has expert analytical skills. Her personality if fun and she is a joy to work with. Knowledge about many subjects. Debra and I knew each other when she had her own Fashion Accessory & Color Cosmetic Companies Tetra Creations Inc. and Debby Dee Design Inc. in the heart of Manhattans Fashion Accessory District. February 20, 2011, Patricia Ann was Debra's client.

Stephanie Marder

Project Manager VI
Department of Defense

Debra is a strong, ethical and confident producer. She is tenacious and tireless. Her creative abilities have delighted and amazed me for the 20+ years I have known her during her career. I would strongly requirement Debra to any creative opportunity that an employer or enterpriser could offer.
​February 19, 2011, Stephanie was with another company when working with Debra at bthebuzz

Lance Wallach

Debra is a very knowledgeable person and I suggest she be consulted in her field of expertise.
​February 18, 2011, ​Lance was with another company when working with Debra at bthebuzz.